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TRF Classified ad space is available on our web site to anyone who has a British Car, Motorcycle, or other British items to sell. A web site classified ad can potentially be seen by anyone with Internet access, and it seems these days that could be just about anyone in the world.


You may submit your ad online by using the form below. Please be aware that this information is not sent in a secure manner, so please do not send sensitive information such as credit card numbers. You may also send your ad information by e-mail, FAX, or postal mail (see below). Once your ad is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. If you wish to add photos, you may reply to that email with your photos as attachments. You will be directed to our online shopping cart system to easily and securely submit your payment. Please see TERMS and CAUTION statements below.


  • Text ad for two-month run: $25.00
  • Text ad with up to four photos for a two-month run: $35.00
Submit your Classified Ad:
* Name
* Year of Car:
* Make of Car:
* Model of Car:
* Email:
* Phone: (555-555-5555)
* Body of Ad:
A * indicates a field is required


To submit a Web Classified Ad, e-mail, FAX, or mail your Name, Mailing Address and your Phone Number (if different from the number used in your ad), along with the Ad Content. Finally, we need to know the type of payment you wish to use. Please DO NOT send credit card information by e-mail. Read the TERMS and CAUTION statements below.


Please give a concise description for your ad containing the following information:

1. Make, Model, and Year of your car.

2. End the ad with the contact phone number.

3. Anything in between is entirely up to you.

4. If you want to provide an e-mail address for buyers to contact you, it should appear before the phone number.

5. Please provide the state/location of the car you are selling so potential buyers know how far to drive to see the car...

Please mail your ad with method of payment to TRF Publications, P.O. Box 332, Armagh, PA 15920 or FAX your ad to (814) 446-6729.


Advertising space on our web site is available at $25.00 for a two month run. Ad sizes must be reasonable in length, up to 50 words maximum. Add $10.00 for a photo (4 photos maximum). We reserve the right to edit any Ad before posting. Your advertisement will be placed on the web site as soon as possible after it is received, usually within two to three days. If you sell your vehicle, we can remove the ad when the car is sold although no partial refunds will be issued.

Your classified ad may also appear in one of our newsletter publications if it coincides with your web site classified ad starting date. There is no guarantee that your ad will appear in print, therefore we do not charge extra for print ads. Consider it a nice extra should your ad appear in a newsletter.

Ads must be prepaid. Ads will be scheduled upon receipt of payment. No invoices will be sent. Master Card®, VISA®, American Express®, and Discover® cards are accepted. A billing address is required for all telephone credit card transactions. You may pay by personal check or Cashiers Check (there is no delay for processing checks under $100.00). Ads are not refundable after being posted to our web site.


Please do not e-mail credit card numbers for payment. Only use U.S. Mail, Fax, Phone, or our online shopping cart for providing your credit card information.

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