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PhotoS of the Week: TR250 Dash Orginality


More on the TR250, TR6 wood dash issue discussed last week. We found another original used TR250 dash in our archives today. Guess what? It is bookmatched mahogany, it has the words HAZARD and BRAKE silkscreened under the warning lamps, and the hazard switch hole is a tiny bit off center. If anyone has an original TR250 dash or a car with one in it, I would love to see photos showing these details or differences from these details. I am going to post a photo of the dash we found today, as it is in reasonably good shape, and it is clearly original. If you send a photo, please include the commission number of the car if known. I will post all of the photos I receive. The term “bookmatched” means that there is a seam in the veneer in the center of the dash, and the grain is the same to both the left or to the right. Of course, the grain of mahogany is not very distinctive, and TR250 mahogany dashes appear to have a flat finish rather than a glossy finish as found on TR4A. We ordered mahogany veneer today to begin a special run of dashes for TR250.


Photo of TR250 Dash

Photo of TR250 Dash showing off-center hazard opening

Close up view of TR250 Dash

Close up view showing off-center hazard switch opening