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Photos of the Week: Triumph TRS LeMans car windscreen


I have been working this week to gather all of the parts for the Triumph TRS LeMans car windscreen which I must have duplicated. TRF owns two of the TRS cars which raced at LeMans in 1960 and 1961. One of our cars, No. 27, placed in eighth position overall in 1961, the highest placing Triumph ever at LeMans. No. 27 was missing its windscreen when it was found in California in the 1980s. It is now getting close to a complete restoration, needing only a new windscreen, seats, and a Sabrina engine. I had nearly despaired over the windscreen frame, as one shop had it for three years and only produced the stanchions. The shop owner admitted after stringing me along that he had no idea how to make the frame, and it came home to TRF earlier this year. I was afraid that some of the small parts had disappeared, but I have now found them all.

The windscreen frame will be duplicated by Mike Engard of Pollock Auto Restoration in Pottstown, Pa,, and I am delivering it on Tuesday. I still must have another windscreen glass made as well, but Triplex still has the capacity to duplicate it. I spent about three hours last night in sorting the parts and seeing how they all fit together, even holding parts of it up to both of the cars to recheck the mountings. It is actually a very simple design, although somewhat hard to duplicate now, almost sixty years from the time it was designed in Coventry with various handmade details, probably “manufactured” by apprentices using hand tools. I always knew that the missing windscreen frame would be nearly as tough a problem as rebuilding the Sabrina engines, and that has definitely been the case with the new stanchions, frame, and glass costing a number of thousands of dollars all told. Worth it? Like the Jabbeke TR2, this Triumph is worth the effort, and I have considered it a part of my life’s work. At seventy-one years of age, I feel that I need to work though the rest of the project if it is to be completed and paid for in my lifetime.



Photo of the TRS windscreen assembly


Photo of TRS race car

"Number 27 Still Needs a Windscreen!"