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PhotoS of the Week: LARRY HALLER'S POSTER, Don Elliot’s "TRusty"


You will remember a contest we held a year or so back in which we asked readers to state in a few words, the quintessential qualities of a British sports car.  We had a couple of hundred entries, one of which was submitted by Bob Groman.  Larry Haller liked Bob’s submission so much that he put it on a poster for the wall of his computer room.  If you have restored one or more cars, no doubt these lines will ring a bell for you too:

There once was a driver named Parr
Who had, all in boxes, a car
“For there will come a day,
I’ll be able to say,
‘I own and drive a Tee Arr!’”

I received an email from Don Elliott in Montreal on St. Valentine’s Day.  That was the birthday (date of manufacture) of his 1958 TR3A, known as TRusty, of which he took delivery in Montreal in May of that year.  Don did a complete body-off restoration on TRusty which was completed in 1990.  His car is now sixty years old, it shows 196,700 miles on the odometer, and Don still drives it as intended.  May Don and TRusty continue as they have been for many more years!


photo of poem by Bob Groman

Scan of "Poster" from Larry Haller featuring the poem by Bob Groman

Photo of Don Elliot's TR3 "TRusty"

Don Elliot's TR3A "TRusty"

Photo of Don Elliot

Don Elliot

original sales receipt for TRusty

Original sales receipt for TRusty